Motorcycle Buying Tips

If purchasing a motorcycle is one of the items on your bucket list, you could be conflicted over whether to buy a new or used motorbike. Well, it all comes down to your needs. Below is an extensive extract explaining what to consider when purchasing a new or used bike.

Buying a New Bike

The primary advantage of buying a new bike is that you can enjoy the latest technological developments in the biking world. Besides, you don't have to worry about bike maintenance since new components last for thousands of kilometres if the bike is well-ridden and maintained.

Nevertheless, you have to consider these tips as you buy the motorbike; 

  • What kind of bike suits you? For instance, touring bikes are designed for long-distance riding, while sports bikes are ideal for the race track.
  • Settle on a specific motorcycle model. The secret is to check reviews on biking blogs and forums to determine durable and reliable bike models.
  • You could be interested in the bike's design. It is especially so if you intend to show off the bike to your peers or social media followers.
  • Does the bike integrate the latest technologies and safety features? They include adaptive cruise control, electronic suspension, blind-spot monitoring, and smart helmets. 

The motorbike's pricing is a concern for most buyers. If this is your case, look out for discount programs. For instance, most dealers have an introductory offer after the release of a new model. Besides, they reduce the asking price during the low seasons when sales plummet. 

Purchasing a Used Bike

Your primary concern when purchasing a used bike is its condition. Start by checking the bike's mileage and maintenance records. For instance, check whether the previous owner replaced critical components such as brakes, filters, sprockets, and tires at the mileage recommended by the manufacturer. Then, assess the motorcycle for accident damage. For example, a bent frame and a lot of filler signify that the bike could have crashed. Then, ride the bike to establish its performance. Look out for acceleration and transmission issues.

Moreover, look out for handling issues that affect your riding experience. For example, the steering could have some play, or the suspension could be too stiff. If you have not purchased a used bike in the past, you might not have the expertise needed to inspect the used bike. If this is your case, hire a reputable mechanic to conduct a pre-purchase inspection report. Review the pricing by comparing the prices of similar bikes. Besides, insist on discounts and incentives such as guarantees, free servicing, and insurance. 

To learn more about purchasing a new or used bike, such as a Honda motorcycle, reach out to a retailer near you.

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