Essential Marine Vents to Add to a Secondhand Boat

A musty, hot and mould-infested boat interior is the last place you want to be due to the unbearable conditions. Unfortunately, the environment does not spare a boat's electronic components and the engine; therefore, a vessel's performance is significantly impacted. Usually, inadequate ventilation systems are to blame. Therefore, if you want to make your secondhand boat comfortable, you must ensure the optimal performance of the ventilation system. Marine ventilation accessories help keep the environment below deck fresh and comfortable by ensuring adequate air circulation. This article explores marine ventilation accessories you should buy for a pre-owned boat.

Wind Scoops — A wind scoop is arguably one of the best pieces of marine ventilation equipment you can buy. The passive ventilation tool is incredibly light since it is made from sail material, such as nylon and polyester. The best part is that wind scoops do not use electricity a the boat's AC system, making them an energy-efficient option. Notably, a wind scoop is more efficient when a boat is anchored, moored at a dock, or positioned over a forward hatch. Although not as effective as regular air conditioning, wind scoops still trap a large amount of air and channel it below deck. When installing wind scoops, orient the induction end towards the wind.

Dorade Vent — A dorade vent gets its name from its inventor, and its purpose is to draw fresh air below deck while at sea. While a dorade vent performs the same function as a wind scoop, the major differences are that the former keeps water out of the cabin and can be installed anywhere on a deck. The ubiquitous vessel vent accessory is equipped with springs and self-draining holes. Therefore, when water gets in the vent, its spring-loaded mechanism closes the vent. Should some water find its way inside the vent during storms, it drains through self-draining holes. Although one dorade vent of decent size is enough for an average-sized boat, a pair can have a fantastic cooling effect. Simply install one facing the wind and the other against it to act as a stale-air extractor.

Port Shield — Your boat's portlights are designed to open and close by swinging or sliding, and they allow fresh air inside the vessel. However, you can only leave portlights open in dry weather. Notably, port shields allow portlights to remain open during rainy weather, keeping the interior cool at all times. Moreover, their design maximises a port shield's effectiveness at scooping air and directing it inside the cabin. Besides, the peel-and-stick mounting makes the installation of port shields a breeze.

For more information about marine deck ventilation, contact a local supplier.

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