Top Tips When Buying Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are an ideal choice for enthusiasts that enjoy off-road competitions. Most people will experience difficulties when purchasing dirt bikes. Read this article to help you buy a dirt bike.

Buying A New Dirt Bike

When purchasing a new dirt bike, you will need to make the following considerations: 

  1. Check the various models to know which bike suits your needs. For instance, beginners could opt to purchase a bike with a low engine capacity.
  2. Conduct some due diligence to understand the bike's maintenance schedule. For example, you may need to inspect the air filter regularly since you will be riding in off-road environments.
  3. Check the manufacturer's warranty. For example, you could be required to work with accredited mechanics.
  4. Contact a few dealers to know the bike's pricing.

Buying A Used Dirt Bike

Used dirt bikes are perfect for people that do not have sufficient funds to purchase a new bike. Your guiding principle when buying a used bike should be the bike's condition. For instance, dirt bikes with body filler and welded frames could have been involved in an accident. Check the mechanical condition of the used bike. Beware of red flags such as black smoke, ignition and performance problems. Ask for a pre-inspection report if you do not know how to inspect used bikes. The seller should also provide service records indicating the mileage at which they changed major parts such as tires, spark plugs, sprockets and brake pads. 

As a rule, you should work with reputable sellers or websites that have lots of positive reviews. Besides, ask the seller for a guarantee. Remember to inquire about extra charges such as servicing, shipping and taxes.

Dual Sport Versus Dirt Bike

Most dirt bikes do not have safety features such as side mirrors, instrument clusters, front and rear lights. As such, these bikes are not road legal. Dual sport motorcycles are your best bet when you need a dirt bike that can be used for your everyday transportation. When buying a dual-sport bike, check its height, suspension, braking and tires to ensure it meets the recommended standard.

Buying a dirt bike should be easy with the above tips. Seek the help of your mechanic and motocross forums to identify suitable models. Additionally, service your bike with original OEM parts. Look for places that offer dirt bikes for sale in your area and keep specific brands like Honda motorcycles stocked. 

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