Your Guide To Buying an Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycles, also known as e-bikes, have recently gained worldwide popularity. If you are considering buying one, check out this helpful guide.

What are electric bicycles and how are they different from normal bicycles?

Electric bicycles have largely the same functionality and aesthetics as a normal bicycle. However, the main difference is they come with an electric motor which offers assistance when pedalling. This pedal-assist functionality makes it easier to ride than a normal bike and offers a faster and smoother ride. You can often control the power of these motors to make sure you go at a comfortable speed.

What are the benefits of electric bicycles?

Due to these bikes being easier to ride than a traditional bicycle, many people find that they ride their electric bicycles more frequently. These bikes can also travel up to 25–45 km per hour which is a lot faster than a normal bike, causing some people to choose it over their cars. This is a great way to help improve fitness levels and lead a more active lifestyle. The pedal assist offers boosting technology also helps when riding through bumpy land such as steep hills. This makes it a perfect option for people of all ages and fitness levels to start riding.

Aside from the ease of riding and health benefits, another major benefit is that they are great for the environment — especially if you use one with solar power.

What type of electric bicycle should you buy?

There are several types of electric bicycles on the market and the type depends on what you will use it for. The most popular one is the standard commuter bike used for travelling to and from work. Other types of include cargo bikes for basic shopping errands and carrying passengers, gravel bikes or road bikes for the more adventurous journeys such as mountain biking, city bikes if you are looking for a more compact bike and more.

How much do electric bicycles cost?

Electric bicycles can cost anywhere between $400–$2000. They are more expensive compared to traditional bicycles, but if you compare it to most motorised vehicles such as cars, they can save you a lot of gas money.

What else should you know before you buy an electric bicycle?

It is important to familiarise yourself with the laws of each country when it comes to riding an e-bike. For example, in Australia, it is illegal to ride electrical bicycles with more than 200 watts of ungoverned power. 

Overall, electrical bicycles are a great environmentally friendly alternative to cars and other motorised vehicles while offering an easier and more comfortable ride compared to traditional bicycles. Make sure you do your research into the type of electric bike that will best suit your lifestyle as well as the regulations around its use in your country and state.

For more information, contact an electric bicycle supplier.

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