Motorcycle Training Courses in Australia

Riding a motorcycle can be a daunting task. Most new riders have trouble getting their balance right. Besides that, it may be challenging to change the gears. In Australia, people aspiring to acquire a motorcycle licence must go through a motorcycle training program to ensure they do not pose a threat to other road users. Below is what you need to know about the program:

Q-Ride Courses

These are motorcycle learning lessons that one must have before acquiring a motorcycle licence. They are taught by trainers accredited by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. It is divided into the following areas:

1. Q-Rider Pre-Learner Course

This is a course for new motorcycle riders that do not have any motorcycle-riding experience. The riders learn how to balance on the bike and how to control the bike to avoid accidents. They are also educated on safety tips such as having protective gear, how to use side mirrors and basic road safety rules. The course is administered in a safe environment since the rider cannot ride on busy roads. It takes two days to complete.

2. Q-Ride Restricted (RE) Course

This is a course for people who have completed the Q-Ride pre-learner course and therefore have some motorcycle-riding experience. At this stage, the trainer aims to reinforce road safety rules and motorcycle-riding skills to ensure the learner can ride the bike unsupervised without causing any accidents. Depending on your proficiency, the course should take a maximum of one day.

3. Q-Ride Restricted (R) Course

This is the final Q-Ride course. It aims to improve the rider's ability to navigate through busy roads. He or she learns some defensive riding and situational awareness skills. The trainer also equips the learner with critical thinking, problem-solving and emergency response skills to ensure he or she does not pose a threat to other road users. The course should take half a day.


A rider who has completed the Q-Rider pre-learner course can apply for a learner motorcycle licence (RE). To acquire the permit, you will have to pass a motorcycle knowledge test. You must also have a driver's licence to ascertain that you are aware of the Australian road rules. After the (RE) course you will upgrade your licence to an (RE) motorcycle licence. The licence can be upgraded to an (R) licence two years later and after you complete the Q-Ride restricted course.

Acquiring your motorcycle licence should not be difficult with the above guide. Situational awareness can help prevent accidents. In addition, do not drive the bike to fast or ride under the influence of drugs.

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