4 Reasons to Hire a Standup Paddleboard Instead of a Kayak

If you want to get out on the water, you might be thinking about hiring a kayak. Sure, kayaks can be great, but why not hire a standup paddleboard (SUP) instead? They're the latest thing, and they offer several advantages over kayaks.

Here are just four reasons why you should hire a SUP instead of a kayak.

1. You Want a Workout

Kayaking isn't easy, and you certainly burn far more calories paddling a kayak than you would sitting on your buns in front of the TV. The problem is that kayaking isn't much of a whole-body workout. You paddle from a seated position, and you mostly use your shoulder and arm muscles. Paddleboarding works nearly every muscle in the body, especially the core. You'll need to stay standing and use your whole body to create tension when you push your paddle through the water. For combining exercise with fun, nothing comes close to paddle boarding.

2. You're Facing Some Portaging

Kayaks are a real pain to carry around. For one thing, they're quite heavy, but the main issue is not being able to get a decent hold on them. Once you're carrying a kayak, it's hard to see exactly where you're going and stay balanced, so falls are more likely. Those aren't issues you'll face with a SUP. They're much lighter, and most have a convenient handle in the middle to let you carry one by your side. If it's a long walk to the water or you expect to carry your craft between stretches of water, it's smart to pick a SUP.

3. You Have Kids or Dogs

You can find two-seater kayaks, but they aren't great for use with young children and aren't at all appropriate for dogs. One of the cool things about SUPs is that other people and animals can ride on the surface without affecting balance. For short trips out on the water, it's fun to bring your kids or dogs along with you, and SUPs can make that happen.

4. You're Worried About Capsizing

If you're not used to being on the water, you might be worried about capsizing in a tippy kayak. A kayak can be a little scarier than a SUP because it's harder to get out of them if you do tip over. With a SUP, this isn't an issue; you won't be confined to a cockpit, so there'll be no feeling of being momentarily trapped if you do capsize. Additionally, SUPs are much easier to flip back over than kayaks.

For your next trip to the lake or the river, consider SUP board hire over kayak hire.

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