Why Choose an Inboard Engine Versus an Outboard for Your Boat?

Inboard and outboard engines both offer some advantages for boat owners, but if you're serious about boating and enjoying your time on the water, you want to ensure you've considered an inboard engine. Boat owners often don't realize the advantages it offers over an outboard engine and may be missing out on some of its benefits every time they take their boat out. Note a few of those advantages here so you can consider an inboard engine when you're ready to buy.

1. Safer towing

A water skier may be pulled with a very long tow rope behind a boat, but today people are enjoying tubing and wakeboarding just as much as skiing. These sports keep the rider in closer proximity to the boat, sometimes with just a few feet or meters between them and the stern. An inboard engine allows for safer towing as the propeller is tucked under the transom of the boat. In turn, there is more protection and cushioning for the person being towed in case they should slide closer to the boat.

This extra room also means that it's easier to get in and out of the boat for towing sports. You can step over the inboard engine and out the back end of the boat more readily than with an outboard engine.

2. Hairpin turns

The rudder of an inboard engine has a tighter turning radius than an outboard engine. This allows for easier pickup of fallen skiers and also makes it easier to turn around tight corners in canals and smaller bodies of water. If you want the most control of your boat for steering, an inboard engine is the right choice.

3. Less bow rise

The placement of the inboard engine helps to disperse the weight of the engine more readily so that there is less bow rise. This in turn can mean more fuel efficiency since more of the boat is sitting in the water and in turn, there is less drag. This can also mean less wake as you're boating so that skiers, tubers, and other boarders have a safer and more consistent ride. 

4. Seating and storage

Since your inboard engine is hidden underneath the back of the boat, you may have more room for seating and storage. This can be a good consideration if you often go boating with family and friends and find that it can get a bit crowded when storing gear, tackle, skis, and whatever else you need to enjoy a full day on the water.

If you're looking for a new engine for your boat, you might want to consider a mercruiser engine.

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